Welcome to Konagora

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Konagora is a web-site dedicated to training. Our purpose is to spread quality technical training on the web, with a stress on concepts and fundamentals. We shall use means that can be innovative or classic, but, we hope, never boring.

As the header shows, this site is currently in BETA status. In other words, it's (still) a work in progress. Many features will become available at a later stage.

Since the launch, we have added the ability to download free videos in MP4 format - as well as the possibility for you to sponsor this site by making a small donation if you wish.

In the meantime, don't hesitate to .

At a time when you see many downward trends, the volume of structured data that is stored shows no sign of abating. This data has to be managed, and accessed.
Although we plan to venture towards other topics in the future, Konagora will initially be dedicated to databases and to the SQL language that is used to query and update them.

There are currently on this site 5 hours and 1 minutes worth of material that you can view without even registering.